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My story

My name is Taylor Prelac. I am the founder of a small non profit in Stark County, Ohio called Brooks' Bereavement Bears. We give teddy bears to women who experience pregnancy loss in Ohio.

This idea came after my loss in April of 2020 when I was 9 weeks pregnant. It was the height of COVID and I had to go to the ER in Akron, Oho alone while my husband waiting in the parking lot only to hear the grim news from a phone call. No one could hug me or hold my hand while I cried.

I had a DNC a week later and was giving a teddy bear from a family member. It was so nice to hold and cry at nights.

A couple months later, we got pregnant again with our now 2 year old son Brooks.

The night I had the positive pregnancy test, We went out to dinner. We came out of the restaurant to a beautiful full rainbow. Babies who come after a miscarriage/loss are called Rainbow babies. It was a sign from God and my baby in heaven that everything was going to be alright.

I decided to buy a couple of the same bear I received and put a pink and blue ribbon on it and attach a message of hope and love on the bears neck and donate the bears to the hospital where I had my DNC in Ohio to give to other women.

After Brooks was born almost a year to the day of our loss on April 5th, 2021, I decided to pursue the idea of making these bears into a non-profit.

In 2022, Brooks Bereavement Bears became a official non profit in the state of Ohio. This organization gives me such great pride to help and comfort other women who have gone through a loss like me. It helps me honor my heavenly child and help me with my grieving process.

We are partnered with Cleveland Clinic Mercy and Aultman Hospitla in Canton Ohio and MVHC in Cambridge, Ohio.

Dear moms reading this,

You are Never alone.

Your baby will always be with you.

Your Grief doesn't have a end date.

Say your child's name.

It's ok to not be ok.



If you or someone you know needs bears, please contact me below, visit our website for more information or how to donate!

We are 100% run off of donations!

Taylor Prelac


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